HotSpoters is a full service wireless managed service provider

  • Complete outsource managed wireless service provider
  • Amazon direct products and shipping
  • 24/7 support staff with alerting and escalation 
  • Future Focused, 100% Decentralized and Distributed
  • Use Any Public or Private Cloud Hosting
  • Or, use our California Data Center
    • 4x Redundant 1 Gigabit Circuits
    • 3x Redundant Host Server Clusters 
    • 2x Redundant Firewalls (HA)
    • Azure vnet(s) and active/active fail-over
  • Experts in Hybrid Cloud networking environments
  • Data Center designs, building, hosting, and ongoing management
  • Complex networking architecture and troubleshooting
  • Redundant agent-less and agent-based monitoring platforms
  • Wholesale software licensing on industry leading MSP tools
  • Infrastructure cabling diagnostics and certification
  • Cloud backup and hardware-based disaster recovery solutions
  • Master Agency for Telecommunications and Bandwidth
  • Wireless Networking Assessments and Heat mapping

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